S.F. Giants 33-45

I think because I write a Giants blog people assume that I live in the Bay Area. That’s actually not true, my family and I live in South Lake Tahoe, CA. My wife and I have been here for about 3 years and, as I mentioned before, our son was born here about 3 weeks ago. Both me and my wife work at the local radio station here in Tahoe.

Cut to last Sunday. I’m sitting down, watching the Giants game, when I get a call from one of the girls I work with. Apparently, there’s a fire. This phone call led to the longest week of my life. I got to work at 3 PM Sunday and didn’t leave until 9 AM Monday. My wife, son and our cat had to go stay at a friends house for the night because the fire was uncomfortably close to our house and there was a ton of smoke in the air, which we couldn’t let the baby breath. We came back home Monday afternoon, after talking to the pediatrician, who told us just to make sure we kept our doors and windows closed. My dad and brother, who drove all the way from Indianapolis to see my son, arrived around the same time. Things seemed like they would be back to normal, until Tuesday.

The fire "jumped the line" Tuesday afternoon and for about 2 hours it seemed like all **** was breaking loose. This time, my wife, son, our cat, my father and my brother had to evacuate our house. We also had to come up with an evacuation plan for work. The neighborhood the radio station is in has a lot of homes around it and everyone was forced to go out on one street. We decided that if we were forced to evacuate the station, our best bet would be to leave by boat. The radio station is located in the Tahoe Keys Marina, so there are boats right outside our front door and there was a guy there who had a 23 foot sail boat who said he could take us all out if we needed. I was on the phone with my wife and she asked if we were safe at the station and I never thought I would say this, but heres what I told her: "We’re going to stay until they say we have to leave and then we’re going to get out of the way of the fire by boat."

My family ended up staying at Mont Bleu Resort, Casino and Spa for the next couple of days. We came back home Thursday evening. That is how the last week has played out in my life.

I should mention that our house is fine and our story of evacuation, while scary for us is not nearly as bad as the stories that a lot of other people have to tell. Two people that we know have lost everything that they own. I talked to one of our friends and he told me that the only things that he owns in the world are 2 pairs of shorts and 3 t-shirts. There are 6 or 7 other people that we kind of know, you know those people you’ve met and might wave to at the grocery store but you don’t really know them, who I heard have lost their homes as well.

When I woke up this morning I went outside and I’m happy to report that there doesn’t seem to be any smoke in the air, the sky is a beautiful clear blue. I read that they are saying that they have the fire 80 percent contained. And then I checked the Giants score.

Enjoy The Game!!!


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  1. abracadabra@hotmail.com

    Barry Bonds is such a loser. His head is so big that he needed a wrecking crew to to break open a wall so he could get out of his house. My dad said that when the Giants played the Brewers, they always have to open the roof so Barry’s head can stick out.

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