S.F. Giants 20-22

Baseball has a long, hard, cruel season. Remember when this team won 8 in a row and got a brief taste of first? I missed the opening game against Oakland. My wife and I went to the movies Friday night. We saw Shrek The Third, it’s not bad. I couldn’t believe what I read when we got home. 13 walks!! Are you kidding me? Were they trying to walk guys?

Brian Sabean says that he isn’t concerned about Barry Zito. Well, he may not be, but I am. I used to love watching Zito pitch, now he scares me. Before I could rationalize his performance, he’s never been great in April, now I’m getting nervous. Again, I didn’t see the game and a lot of times the stats don’t tell the whole story, but it’s hard to lie about a 15-3 drubbing.

Russ Ortiz may be activated Monday. The Giants have said that he’ll go to the bullpen so Tim Lincecum can remain in the rotation. This likely means that Jonathan Sanchez is headed back to Fresno. I like this move. Lincecum is ready to stay in the Majors, Sanchez hasn’t been very impressive and we need to try anything to shake up that bullpen.

I read that the Marlins snagged Todd Linden off the waiver wire. I’m not sure how I feel about losing him. He hasn’t played well so far this year, but he seemed to have a great upside. Nothing we can do now but wish him luck in Florida.

Rich Aurilia and Ray Durham are both expected to be back in the starting line up Sunday. This is good news. Maybe one of them can help ignite this horrible offense. By the way, did Dave Roberts die? What happened to him? I heard he was injured, but I didn’t think it was anything serious. Anyone know when he’s coming back? I liked his signing during the offseason and thought he was fun to watch in a Giants uniform.

Enjoy the game!!!


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