S.F. Giants 20-20

A week or so ago I wrote that there is nothing to write about with this team. I also said I didn’t know who Fred Lewis was. Guess what? I know who he is now.

The Giants aren’t sure weather they can keep Lewis in the Majors. Apparently, they don’t know if they’ll have room on the roster. Are you kidding me?

Let’s look at what he has done in 6 games:

Scored 6 runs

Gotten 11 hits

1 Double

2 Triples

1 Homer


2 BB

An OBP of .433

An average of .393

He has struck out 5 times, which is too many in only 6 games.

Did I mention that he hit for the cycle?

Honestly, this kid maybe the best player on the team right now. How can we not have room for him?

I understand that 6 games is a minuscule sample size. And that is about all that we have to go on. He did play 13 games for the Giants last year, by the way in those games he hit .455. Essentially we have 19 games to judge this guy on. In those games he has a batting average of .410, a .439 OBP and 9 RBI.

Obviously, 19 games isn’t a big enough sample to predict greatness from this guy. He may very well cool off. In fact, I expect him to cool off. But why send him back to Fresno before he does? It just doesn’t make any sense. Make room for Fred Lewis!!!

Interleague play is on tap for the weekend. I guess I’m supposed to be all hyped up for Giants vs. A’s baseball, I’m not. MLB calls these "natural rivalries", I think of them more as "forced rivalries". The idea being that Giants fans should hate the A’s because they’re another baseball team in the Bay Area. Sorry MLB, I don’t hate the A’s. As a matter of fact, I kind of like the A’s. I always have. You know who I hate? I hate the Dodgers. A rivalry can’t be forced, it occurs naturally over years of playing against a team, in important games. That’s the catch, these games aren’t important, they’re just games in the regular season that have no real postseason implications other then three games. When the Giants and Dodgers play, there’s usually a lot on the line which, over time, creates a "natural rivalry".

I’m not a baseball purist and I don’t necessarily dislike interleague play. I am a baseball realist and three games against the A’s in Mid-May doesn’t get me all riled up.

The big angle for this series is Zito returning to play his former team. I’m seeing this thing played up everywhere I look. I wish I found it as engrossing as a lot of people do. I would if Zito had left the A’s on bad terms and it had been an ugly split, but let’s face it there really isn’t a whole lot of drama there. I don’t think Billy Beane was shocked that Zito bolted, the A’s simply don’t have the money to keep him. And I’m pretty sure Zito isn’t upset because they didn’t pay him to stay, again the A’s don’t have that kind of cash. When Jeff Kent comes to bat against the Giants, I secretly hope the pitcher will drill him, everytime. Barry Zito taking the mound against the A’s doesn’t carry the same kind of drama with it.

I feel like I’m rambling at this point, so I’m gonna shut it down. I hope to be able to update over the weekend, but I don’t know if blogging is going to fit into my schedule, I’ll be lucky if watching baseball will fit. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but my wife is 8 1/2 months pregnant, so I’ve got a lot to get done on the weekends.

Enjoy the game!


One comment

  1. Aubrey

    I completely agree with your entire post. The Giants should keep Fred Lewis until (or if) he cools down. They freaking kept Niekro for way longer than they should have, so they should be able to keep Lewis for a while. I also don’t hate the A’s. I kinda like them too. I actually went to the game tonight and I found that the rivalry does seem rather forced. I sat with some other Giants fans and there were also some A’s fans around and they said that they like both teams but just support one over the other when they are facing each other. I also agree with you about the whole Zito thing. And I think the same exact thing about Kent every time he comes up to bat against the Giants. I don’t know if you have noticed but the picture I have as my display photo is a double play against the Dodgers that happened last season and it’s Jeff Kent underneath Omar. It’s one of my all time favorite plays. And if this post is an example of you rambling, please continue to ramble because I really liked it.

    And congratulations on the upcoming baby!!



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