I decided to stop by and check in to see how things were going and look what I found. All sorts of changes. I had to cancel my subscription to MLBlogs after my son was born. Just not enough time in the day to work, take care of a baby and blog. I certainly wasn’t expecting to find out I could get right back in the saddle for free. Good work, this is exciting.


Hopefully one day soon I’ll actually get a chance to watch a Giants game. My family and I just moved from Nor Cal to Indiana. A long move and Giants games start at like 10PM out here. Seeing as I have to be to work at 5AM this could be a problem. But I’ll be updating every chance I get.


It’s great to be back.

S.F. Giants 33-45

I think because I write a Giants blog people assume that I live in the Bay Area. That’s actually not true, my family and I live in South Lake Tahoe, CA. My wife and I have been here for about 3 years and, as I mentioned before, our son was born here about 3 weeks ago. Both me and my wife work at the local radio station here in Tahoe.

Cut to last Sunday. I’m sitting down, watching the Giants game, when I get a call from one of the girls I work with. Apparently, there’s a fire. This phone call led to the longest week of my life. I got to work at 3 PM Sunday and didn’t leave until 9 AM Monday. My wife, son and our cat had to go stay at a friends house for the night because the fire was uncomfortably close to our house and there was a ton of smoke in the air, which we couldn’t let the baby breath. We came back home Monday afternoon, after talking to the pediatrician, who told us just to make sure we kept our doors and windows closed. My dad and brother, who drove all the way from Indianapolis to see my son, arrived around the same time. Things seemed like they would be back to normal, until Tuesday.

The fire "jumped the line" Tuesday afternoon and for about 2 hours it seemed like all **** was breaking loose. This time, my wife, son, our cat, my father and my brother had to evacuate our house. We also had to come up with an evacuation plan for work. The neighborhood the radio station is in has a lot of homes around it and everyone was forced to go out on one street. We decided that if we were forced to evacuate the station, our best bet would be to leave by boat. The radio station is located in the Tahoe Keys Marina, so there are boats right outside our front door and there was a guy there who had a 23 foot sail boat who said he could take us all out if we needed. I was on the phone with my wife and she asked if we were safe at the station and I never thought I would say this, but heres what I told her: "We’re going to stay until they say we have to leave and then we’re going to get out of the way of the fire by boat."

My family ended up staying at Mont Bleu Resort, Casino and Spa for the next couple of days. We came back home Thursday evening. That is how the last week has played out in my life.

I should mention that our house is fine and our story of evacuation, while scary for us is not nearly as bad as the stories that a lot of other people have to tell. Two people that we know have lost everything that they own. I talked to one of our friends and he told me that the only things that he owns in the world are 2 pairs of shorts and 3 t-shirts. There are 6 or 7 other people that we kind of know, you know those people you’ve met and might wave to at the grocery store but you don’t really know them, who I heard have lost their homes as well.

When I woke up this morning I went outside and I’m happy to report that there doesn’t seem to be any smoke in the air, the sky is a beautiful clear blue. I read that they are saying that they have the fire 80 percent contained. And then I checked the Giants score.

Enjoy The Game!!!

S.F. Giants 30-39

My last post was on June 1st and I wrote that I had been on a bit of a baseball hiatus. I believe that was the last time I really even thought about baseball. I’m now a proud papa. My son was born on June 6th and I haven’t paid attention to anything else sense. I briefly thought about posting some pictures of my boy, but something just seemed weird about it. So, sorry no pics.

I briefly considered just canceling my subscription and shutting this blog down, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to update it more frequently. Of course, everyone laughs when I talk about getting back to the way I used to do things. Anyway, the point of all this is that I will try to update as often as possible, but there may be long stretches that this blog is quiet.

Now, on to some baseball. I did manage to watch the Giants-Sox game on Sunday. Matt Morris has been a rock for this team all season, so it was a little surprising to see him get knocked around like that. A friend of mine said that Fenway is a tough park to pitch in, and I agree, but I think it had more to do with the Red Sox lineup. Ortiz and Manny are scary enough, you get a couple of other guys hitting in that lineup and the opposing pitcher doesn’t stand a chance. I think this series was an important one in that it illustrated just how far from being a good team the Giants are right now.

I have spent a great deal of the season trying to figure out how good this team actually is. It hasn’t been easy up until now. I always thought of the Giants as an average team and was a little surprised to find them 9 games below .500, in last place and 10.5 out in the division. My thinking was that we would be in that middle ground between buyers and sellers at the trade deadline. That doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case. We look like sellers. The question now is who do we have that anyone would want?

The only name I could come up with is Matt Morris. He has pitched well enough to show that he could help a team with a starting pitching need and the Giants may be able to get a good return for him. Everyone else on this team falls into either the category of shouldn’t be traded (Lincecum) or no one wants them (nearly everyone else). We’re in the last half of June, it’s not early anymore. If the Giants don’t turn this thing around real soon, we should run up the white flag and start looking toward the future. By trading as many of these geezers as we can. It would be much easier to sit through a bad year if I knew we were getting some young guys valuable playing time and working towards something. This season just feels like we’re treading water.

Try To Enjoy The Game.

S.F. Giants 26-27

Well, I’ve been on sort of a baseball hiatus. Not that I wanted to be, I just haven’t had the time to keep up. It’s been at least two weeks since I’ve even been able to watch a Giants game, which is just way too long.

I have tried to update this blog a couple of times, but not watching the games really makes that difficult. Apparently, I’m not the only one running into these problems though. I checked the Giants official site a few times and one day they had a story about Ryan Klesko’s dog and another day there was a whole story about Barry Bonds wearing an earring. Yeah, this is an exciting team.

The Giants crushed the Phillies today, I was pleased to see that. It’s all or nothing with this offense. 13 runs today, probably none tomorrow. That’s the most maddening thing about these guys. They’re just way too inconsistent.

The story of the day is finally finding some ****** to take Armando Benetiz off of our hands. I defended Armando a few weeks ago, but his performance since then served as a major reminder that he’s done. Good luck Marlins.

I know absolutely nothing about Randy Messenger, who the Giants got in return for Benetiz. I was going to research the guy, then I realized that I don’t care how good he is. Seriously, he’s not Benetiz, that’s all I need to know. It’s not just that Armando was a below average closer but he’s not a team guy either. Messenger could be the worst pitcher in the world, I just hope he has a good attitude.

Enjoy The Game!!!

S.F. Giants 22-22

Back to .500 on the year. Sadly, I think this is about were this team belongs. The Giants seem to be a very middle of the road team. Which makes it very hard to find stuff to write about. Yeah, I’m back to that. Here are some random thoughts:

Russ Ortiz was sent to the bullpen. I like this move because we need all of the bullpen help we can get. Ortiz has mainly been a starter in his career, but he does have a little bit of relief experience, so the adjustment won’t be huge for him and hopefully he’ll be able to make the change work for him. He really hasn’t been that bad as a starter this year, but I would rather have Lincecum in the rotation.

Matt Morris continues to be the most reliable guy in the rotation, which is a bit surprising considering his performance last year. Barry Zito needs to step his game up and earn all that money. I’m really starting to lose patience with him.

Randy Winn seems to be sparking the offense right now. Bonds has got to come out of his slump soon, that’s the only chance we have of being any good.

I have no idea how long it’s going to be before we see Dave Roberts again. I mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating, I really like what he brings to the club.

Lincecum vs. Oswalt Part II tonight. These guys are very similar and it should be an interesting matchup.

Enjoy the game!!!

S.F. Giants 20-22

Baseball has a long, hard, cruel season. Remember when this team won 8 in a row and got a brief taste of first? I missed the opening game against Oakland. My wife and I went to the movies Friday night. We saw Shrek The Third, it’s not bad. I couldn’t believe what I read when we got home. 13 walks!! Are you kidding me? Were they trying to walk guys?

Brian Sabean says that he isn’t concerned about Barry Zito. Well, he may not be, but I am. I used to love watching Zito pitch, now he scares me. Before I could rationalize his performance, he’s never been great in April, now I’m getting nervous. Again, I didn’t see the game and a lot of times the stats don’t tell the whole story, but it’s hard to lie about a 15-3 drubbing.

Russ Ortiz may be activated Monday. The Giants have said that he’ll go to the bullpen so Tim Lincecum can remain in the rotation. This likely means that Jonathan Sanchez is headed back to Fresno. I like this move. Lincecum is ready to stay in the Majors, Sanchez hasn’t been very impressive and we need to try anything to shake up that bullpen.

I read that the Marlins snagged Todd Linden off the waiver wire. I’m not sure how I feel about losing him. He hasn’t played well so far this year, but he seemed to have a great upside. Nothing we can do now but wish him luck in Florida.

Rich Aurilia and Ray Durham are both expected to be back in the starting line up Sunday. This is good news. Maybe one of them can help ignite this horrible offense. By the way, did Dave Roberts die? What happened to him? I heard he was injured, but I didn’t think it was anything serious. Anyone know when he’s coming back? I liked his signing during the offseason and thought he was fun to watch in a Giants uniform.

Enjoy the game!!!

S.F. Giants 20-20

A week or so ago I wrote that there is nothing to write about with this team. I also said I didn’t know who Fred Lewis was. Guess what? I know who he is now.

The Giants aren’t sure weather they can keep Lewis in the Majors. Apparently, they don’t know if they’ll have room on the roster. Are you kidding me?

Let’s look at what he has done in 6 games:

Scored 6 runs

Gotten 11 hits

1 Double

2 Triples

1 Homer


2 BB

An OBP of .433

An average of .393

He has struck out 5 times, which is too many in only 6 games.

Did I mention that he hit for the cycle?

Honestly, this kid maybe the best player on the team right now. How can we not have room for him?

I understand that 6 games is a minuscule sample size. And that is about all that we have to go on. He did play 13 games for the Giants last year, by the way in those games he hit .455. Essentially we have 19 games to judge this guy on. In those games he has a batting average of .410, a .439 OBP and 9 RBI.

Obviously, 19 games isn’t a big enough sample to predict greatness from this guy. He may very well cool off. In fact, I expect him to cool off. But why send him back to Fresno before he does? It just doesn’t make any sense. Make room for Fred Lewis!!!

Interleague play is on tap for the weekend. I guess I’m supposed to be all hyped up for Giants vs. A’s baseball, I’m not. MLB calls these "natural rivalries", I think of them more as "forced rivalries". The idea being that Giants fans should hate the A’s because they’re another baseball team in the Bay Area. Sorry MLB, I don’t hate the A’s. As a matter of fact, I kind of like the A’s. I always have. You know who I hate? I hate the Dodgers. A rivalry can’t be forced, it occurs naturally over years of playing against a team, in important games. That’s the catch, these games aren’t important, they’re just games in the regular season that have no real postseason implications other then three games. When the Giants and Dodgers play, there’s usually a lot on the line which, over time, creates a "natural rivalry".

I’m not a baseball purist and I don’t necessarily dislike interleague play. I am a baseball realist and three games against the A’s in Mid-May doesn’t get me all riled up.

The big angle for this series is Zito returning to play his former team. I’m seeing this thing played up everywhere I look. I wish I found it as engrossing as a lot of people do. I would if Zito had left the A’s on bad terms and it had been an ugly split, but let’s face it there really isn’t a whole lot of drama there. I don’t think Billy Beane was shocked that Zito bolted, the A’s simply don’t have the money to keep him. And I’m pretty sure Zito isn’t upset because they didn’t pay him to stay, again the A’s don’t have that kind of cash. When Jeff Kent comes to bat against the Giants, I secretly hope the pitcher will drill him, everytime. Barry Zito taking the mound against the A’s doesn’t carry the same kind of drama with it.

I feel like I’m rambling at this point, so I’m gonna shut it down. I hope to be able to update over the weekend, but I don’t know if blogging is going to fit into my schedule, I’ll be lucky if watching baseball will fit. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but my wife is 8 1/2 months pregnant, so I’ve got a lot to get done on the weekends.

Enjoy the game!